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The SlingSlip

The SlingSlip® is the innovative storage and fashion accessory that transforms your shoulder sling into a stylish and convenient interior storage option for your phone, keys, and other items. It is wearable with a wide variety of shoulder slings and can replace a purse or carrying bag.

Improved Rehab, Enhanced Recovery, Better Compliance, and Improved Sleep is what we strive for. That’s why we created the SlingSlip, to get patients back to things they love quicker, while providing a mental boost with custom style! Wearable with a wide variety of shoulder slings, personal items are now easily accessible and no longer is a purse or carrying bag necessary! What a game changer for patients with shoulder injuries to focus on rehab and recovery with less distractions.

“I had two shoulder replacement surgeries, one on each shoulder, by Dr. E. Bieber. After the first (November 18, 2016) I was issued a standard sling. Just prior to the second surgery, (July 14, 2017), I was delighted to be fitted for my NextSling. Very cool! As a former backpacker, I instantly was drawn to the aesthetic of the clips that “click” into place and that secured my arm and stabilized my shoulder. I found it to be comfortable and felt that my shoulder was snugly in place, a feeling that made me feel safe and confident.

The NextSling is complimented by the SlingSlip, which has two added features: 1) it temporarily can replace your purse! I carried my travel wallet and keys in the SlingSlip, and 2) it provides a colorful stylish slip that adorns the sling!”

Carol Middlebrook